Most funerals these days will have music played. Whether it be a conventional song for a civil service or a hymn at a religious service, Bull Family Funerals are able to provide those pieces of music or songs for you. Below are just a few in our large range for you to listen to.

music-2The choice of music for a funeral can be one of the most important aspects of the ceremony. The music, whether modern or classical, should ideally a favourite of your loved one however also providing comfort to the family left behind. We can offer help, advice and suggestions for music of all kinds.

Some families like to use a recording, but some may also prefer to hear the music performed live. If you engage some musicians for the ceremony, they will not only be able to perform the music you have chosen, but will also be able to lead the singing.

We have thousands of songs and musical pieces in our collection, so please ask if there is anything that is not on this list as it is only to give you ideas of music that can be played.