Introduction to a beautiful and meaningful funeral

Our many years of experience tells us that a funeral is relevant to the person who has died, it tells their story and leaves lasting positive memories, it celebrates life, and to help family and friends cope with their loss.

There are no real rules to funerals and only a few legal requirements, so you’re limited only by time and imagination.
In the short space of time we spend with you making funeral arrangements, generally an arrangement is from anywhere from an hour to two hours or more, it’s difficult for us to cover every option and it may be difficult for you to take everything in all at once. So here’s a summary of funeral options and answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

Burial or Cremation

One of the first decisions we’ll ask you to make is whether the funeral is to be followed by burial or cremation. This is mainly because different documentation is needed depending on the decision made.
While burial is the more traditional and is often chosen for cultural or religious reasons, cremation is the most popular option today.

Burial – Families may choose a burial plot. Most cemeteries have a variety of areas and memorial options, with varying prices from cemetery to cemetery. It’s worth looking at all the options before making a decision on a particular plot. Will the service be held at a church or other venue followed by a funeral procession to the cemetery or will it be a graveside service?

Cremation – When cremation is chosen it’s usually a ‘private cremation’. This means that once the service has concluded, family and friends will say their goodbyes at the church or other venue. The hearse will then proceed to the crematorium without any mourners in attendance.

The alternative to private cremation is to have a committal service at the crematorium chapel. A committal means that after a church or other venue, the funeral procession to the crematorium where a short ceremony and final goodbyes are held.

Service Venue

Where a funeral is held is up to you.
Equally, we can arrange for the funeral to take place wherever you want it: at a church, crematorium chapel, family home, park or garden, beach, a community hall, Sports Clubrooms, town hall, or stadium or any other venue that may be special to you and your loved one.

There are no legal requirements on who can conduct a funeral service. You can choose a Minister, a Celebrant or a friend. Who is right for you depends on personal preference and the type of service you want. We can recommend people if you don’t have anyone in mind.

The role of the officiant is to act as master of ceremonies at the funeral. They work closely with us to ensure that everything you request takes place. To do this they’ll need to meet with you before the service to find out your wishes for the ceremony e.g. who will speak, what music will be played, and what will take place. They’ll also want to get a sense of the person who has died so that the funeral is reflective of their life and values.

Coffin / Caskets

You can choose a coffin / casket from a wide variety of different styles, materials and finishes. You can even have one personalized. This could be a choice of colour or by having pictures and graphics on the coffin. It might also include what is placed on, in or around the casket. For example, a photo or personal item, such as a golf club or hat.

Newspaper Notices
Newspaper notices are a common way of letting extended family and friends know when and where the funeral will take place. We can insert these on your behalf. Bull Family Funerals with permission from family can also place a funeral notice on their facebook page.

Clothes, Dressing and Viewing
Before viewing can occur, you’ll need to select a coffin / casket and provide us with clothing for the deceased.
Viewing is encouraged as a helpful step in coming to terms with your loss. This can take place at our premises or prior to the funeral service in a church or chapel or you may wish in your own home.

Coffin-red-reoses-casket-SprayFloral tribute

Coffin /casket tribute this could be from a single flower through to a large arrangement of flowers.


Over the many years, we’ve had many different styles of music played at funerals including, classical, rock, pop, religious, jazz and country. It’s important that the music selected is reflective of the person who has died as it has a powerful effect on the service.

During the service you could choose to play a favourite song, or have live musicians perform. Perhaps an organist or pianist, a singer or choir, or, if appropriate, a piper, bugler, string quartet, or small band.

We can also arrange a catering venue of your choice if you wish.

Pall Bearers
If you choose to use pall bearers you’ll need to invite four or six people to perform this role. On the day we’ll guide and assist them in their duties.

Usually families will make their own arrangements to travel to the funeral. However, hire cars can be arranged if required. Bull Family Funerals in the near future will have a 4 seater mourning car available to families who wish to be taken to and from the service.
Our hearse is modern and finished in pearl white which brings a distinctive refreshing modern touch.

Orders of Service
Orders of Service or Service Sheets can include a photo or photos in colour, or black and white. We require the original photos at the time of the funeral arrangement conference or shortly thereafter. Or you may wish to have a family member complete this task of making order of services.

Video/DVD Tributes
DVD or Video Tributes are now a regular part of contemporary funerals. A DVD Tribute consists of a series of photos which are set to music and burnt onto a DVD. The Tribute can then be played during the reflection time of the service. This is a powerful way to capture and present different aspects of someone’s life, and it becomes a valued keepsake after the funeral.
We can arrange for the compilation of a DVD Tribute. Just select the photos (about 30-40) you wish to be included and give them to us at least 48 hours before the service. They are often best presented in chronological order. You can also select the piece of music you would like to go with the photos. We can provided all Audio Visual equipment for presenting such tributes. Some families wish to make this themselves.

Memorial Book and Attendance Pages
We provide a memorial book to help mark the funeral. Attendance pages are included in the memorial book where you wish to have a record of those present at the service. A photo is requested.

Compassionate Airfares
Most airlines offer compassionate fares for immediate family members needing to travel by air to attend the funeral. In order to qualify for these fares, it’s usually required that a letter or fax is provided by us confirming the death, stating the relationship of the person travelling and giving the details of the funeral. Please ask if you wish us to provide you with this letter.

Death Certificate
We register the death, with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and order a death certificate on your behalf. This certificate is required for legal matters. This certificate will be posted out to the person responsible for making the funeral arrangements.

The information required to register the death is collected from you in the course of arranging the funeral. This information, along with other documentation supplied by the certifying doctor or Coroner is used to register the death

Cost of a Funeral
The cost of a funeral will essentially reflect the personal, cultural and financial needs of your family, and the choices you make. Such as burial or cremation, coffin / casket selected etc
Bull Family Funerals have a flexible pricing structure, which allows families to choose from a range of services and options. We believe we provide our services at an affordable cost. At Bull Family Funerals we offer a discount if the funeral service is paid before or on the day of the service.

At Bull Family Funerals, we are able to advise and assist you with every aspect of arranging a funeral. We provide the personal touch that you expect from a family owned company.
At such a time it is important to know that you can depend on experienced, professional people to help you with all of the arrangements to ensure the funeral service flows smoothly.

We will listen to your family and help to arrange a celebration of your loved one’s life. Phone us on 1300 361 679.